ART that makes a difference


B. (Barbi) Anne Reed first opened ANNE REED GALLERY over thirty years ago in Ketchum, Idaho. Seeing the vast potential of the internet, Barbi decided to take ANNE REED GALLERY completely virtual in 2009 and thus became one of the first gallerists of an established gallery to take sole advantage of the online forum. Through her work with nationally known artists and ART collectors around the world, Barbi also recognized the growing need for easier access to affordable fine ART that is also high quality, distinctive, and unique. Thus began ARTprojectA. Barbi’s trained eye and reputation as a gallerist, vast network of contacts in the art world, and background in creative marketing provides ARTprojectA with exceptional support.

Barbi’s diverse background includes: studying photography with Lisette Model, professional freelance photography with assignments in Tibet and Africa; fashion writing, editing and purchasing for a prominent ski and tennis shop in New York City; as well as being Publicity Director for Sun Valley Company. Barbi came to the gallery scene well-versed in the arts, publicity and creative retailing. She has also served on the board of a number of non-profits and is a founding board member of several internationally focused NGOs.

Laura Williams is a native Sun Valley, Idahoan, but did escape the grasp of mountain living during her years at Smith College and while studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her educational background in Art and Architecture gives her the perfect backdrop for working in the art world. Though she never actually saw herself becoming an architect, working for two virtual art galleries, ARTprojectA and ANNE REED GALLERY, is the perfect fit for her talents. Laura has also spent time managing a small Asian-fusion restaurant, doing social media for a career advice blog, and being part of the organizational team for the prestigious Sun Valley Writers’ Conference. Her next adventure will be attending grad school for an MBA degree this fall.

We would also like to thank Irwin Sentilles and Shady Hill Studios for the phenomenal website they have created for ARTprojectA! Irwin founded Shady Hill Studios (SHS) in 2002 to meet the growing demand for more affordable, more personal websites. Under his leadership, SHS has grown to become a design innovation company with the ability to execute across a wide range of mediums, from web and print to built environment installations, serving clients around the world. Irwin has a master’s degree in architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and a bachelor’s degree from Duke, where he studied civil engineering, art, and computer science. Irwin is an entrepreneurial designer who creatively and relentlessly explores the theoretical to develop practical, innovative, business solutions to design problems. He also plays the guitar, plays with his two kids, and can quote almost every line from Waiting for Guffman.